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Hal Yorke || 31/530

Vampire (Old One) || Canon || OPEN || Damien Molony

Personality: Has a dark side that he tries to reign in through routine and willpower, potentially ferocious and sadistic, tries to be civil and withdrawn from society.

Powers/Skills: Vampire abilities; speed, strength, durability, heightened senses, regenerative, charismatic and compelling.


With Annie and Eve gone, all that Hal had to separate himself from the darkness was the cautious friendship of Alex, and the steadfast loyalty offered by Tom.  The bloodlust surges, taunting him in the back of his mind as he tries to ignore it, to focus his attention on the trouble that Alex is having in keeping herself in this realm — in focus and centered, long enough to complete her final business.  True to his word, he has followed through on his promise to help her, and the trio have recently set off to the city of New Orleans where they were told to seek aide for Alex as well as potential refuge and allies against those that would seek revenge for the death of the Old Ones.

While Alex’s condition has somewhat improved without the aide of anyone, it seems, Hal has been visited as of late in his grievous nightmares. He sees Mr. Snow, listens as the elder commands him and he kills hundreds, thousands, bathed in their blood. At times, Lady Catherine appears to chide him angrily, hurl indecencies his way. It is a shadow with infinite faces that plagues him — one that he has kept secret. The weight of his burden causes him to crumble when Alex dares confess her feelings for him… the coming days were violent. Twisted. After attacking Alex, Tom, and several other people, he was at last forced back in the chair and is now faced with all the harsh reality, the cruelty of repent, loyal dog at his side.

What he doesn’t know? This torturer is The First Evil — companion of Lucifer and seducer of Cain — and it isn’t done with him yet.


  • Tom McNair - friend, flatmate.
  • Annie Sawyer - friend, ex-flatmate.
  • Alex Millar - love interest, flatmate.
  • Nick Cutler - old companion, enemy.
  • Mr. Snow - ancestor, nemesis.
  • The First Evil - captor in shadows.


Changes (from Canon to The Graceless Years)

  • Came to NOLA with Alex and Tom to find a way to help Alex anchor herself / find out what the reason is for her glitching.
  • Is aware that there are those that are searching for them after the death of the Old Ones.
  • Has kept his torments secret, thus the return of “Bad Hal.”
  • Is currently in the chair with Tom keeping his company as well as guarding the world from him and he, from the world.

Castiel || 37/Ageless

Human || Canon || Open || Misha Collins

Personality: Guilty, troubled, altruistic, and at other times, impatient, flippant. Castiel is older than we’re capable of imagining, but now suddenly mortal and vulnerable, that big heart of his along with the influence of new friends has him more human than ever.

Powers/Skills: Angel radio, eons of experience and memories, magical knowledge, eidetic memory.


Castiel’s journey since Dean and Sam averted the apocalypse with the help of himself and Bobby has been full of lessons he’d yet to learn despite his age and supposed wisdom. After his attempt to replace their Father and be God, thus unleashing Leviathan unto the world, he has tried running from his problems only to become a problem himself — and yet, when he at last tried to fix Heaven, everything yet again crumbled. He had never suspected Metatron’s betrayal. Castiel wonders, at times, if Atropos’ fury will ever leave him be.  It seemed Fate had forgotten his punishment for all of his wrong doings one day, though, when a spirit ironically became what some humans dubbed ‘guardian angel.’ It was thanks to Annie Sawyer that Castiel was alerted in time of a hunting party searching for him and since that day, the two became fast friends. The two lived together for months until each were reunited with past flames and old friends; Annie with Mitchell, Castiel with Meg, Dean and Sam. After forgiving Sam and Dean for keeping Meg’s death from him, he agreed to live in the bunker with them, kept away from the vampire Annie loved and unfortunately, Annie herself. Castiel can’t stay underground forever though and so, ventures out to visit Meg as well as his friend who can’t see him in the bunker, as well as search for a way to end Heaven’s Wrath on Earth.


  • Dean Winchester - best friend, brotherly.
  • Sam Winchester - very good friend, brotherly.
  • Crowley - ex-ally, enemy, King of Hell.
  • Annie Sawyer - very good friend.
  • Meg - love interest, demon.
  • Iofiel - comrade, sister.
  • Metatron - betrayer, brother.
  • Anna - betrayer, sister.


Changes (from Canon to The Graceless Years)

  • While Castiel was homeless,  Annie Sawyer saw angels coming and warned him just in time and since then has offered the comforts of home to him.
  • Upon finding Sam and Dean and Annie finding Mitchell, Castiel left  to live in the bunker with the hunters, but remains in contact with Annie.
  • Cas is safe in the bunker, but ventures out in search of a way to stop the trail of bodies his brethren have been compiling.
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